Friday, 18 September 2015

Different Planning Environment Rules For Wind Farms And Small Business

About a km away from me is a small concrete products firm, they employ local people and yet the council have imposed working restrictions until they find a larger premises, one quote from the article is

"an executive engineer with the council’s environmental control section, told the court that there are two houses located across the road occupied by families with young children who have had issues with air pollution and noise from the plant"

The article is here

Why is Grouselodge wind farm any different, they pollute the air with low frequency noise, infrasound, audible noise 24/7 365 days of the year, they cause local residents to become ill,young children particularly bad, (a lot more than 2) so bad some have been forced away from there own homes, i doubt that they employ anyone local at he wind farm, i know what i would rather have and its not the wind farm pollution

All for subsidies, the council are not really doing anything, last night the noise was 76Db

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