Tuesday, 24 November 2015

More Irish Family Wind Farm Casualties

ROSCOMMON: Dorothy & Michael Keane - “Our doctor put us on sleeping tablets but told us to get out of the house,” she said. “Going into our bedroom is like going into a torture chamber. That relentless pitch drives you insane.
Co. CORK: seven households have taken the unique step of suing local developer Enercon Services for driving them out of their homes. Life became so tough for the Banteer residents that they quit their properties 18 months ago and never went back.
In Kilrush, Co. CLARE: Astrid Adler said her health had suffered from the Monmore Windfarm 750m away and she now regularly hyperventilates.
“There are seven turbines, but they want to build 45 more.We would leave, but nobody would buy our house,” she said.
“We have tried to track down the mysterious German owners but if you want to complain there is nowhere to go. The original planners sold it on immediately and nobody takes responsibility.”
Philip Hickey (51), lives just 370m from one of six turbines erected in Ballylusk, Co.WEXFORD: in breach of planning rules which stipulate they should be a minimum of 500m from homes.
“We have to listen to it all day. This was our dream home but they have ruined it,” said Philip.
“If we could move we would, but nobody would buy our house now. It was once worth €300,000, but now it’s worth zero.”

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wind turbines force them to sleep in cellar

Couple in Germany forced to sleep in cellar, there symptoms are the same world wide when affected by a wind farm,

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Families forced to move out of homes due to industrial monster wind turbines

A war is taking place in rural Ireland. Not one with guns, bullets or bombs but with wind turbines and pylons.
Families are being forced to move out of their homes due to the negative health impacts of these giant industrial monsters.
The enormous turbines make so much noise, people who live near them cannot sleep.
Prolonged exposure to this low frequency noise causes insomnia, headaches, nosebleeds, anxiety and a general inability to function normally. Children are especially vulnerable.
Were you ever in the toilets of a night club and noticed how you could feel the base drum in your chest – that’s low frequency noise.
Imagine your children trying to sleep with that sensation.
Shortly after a turbine was built 1.6km from their home, one Co Cork family noticed their kids falling asleep at breakfast. This quickly became a rush to hospital with severe headaches and nosebleeds.
This family was forced to move from their home.
Thankfully, once at a safe distance away, they eventually returned to full health.
The wind developers denied liability and are facing legal action.
Meanwhile, this family can’t live in their home and can’t sell it because once a windfarm is built near a home, the value plummets.
Families are effectively being evicted by these developers.
But who can they turn to for help? Who is protecting our families, our children?
Alan Kelly is Environment Minister and it is his department’s job to make sure proper guidelines are in place to protect us.
But the wind industry is a cruel business and is forcing the Government to ignore the problem.
These turbines are so big – up to 185m. If you laid this out flat in Croke Park it wouldn’t fit in the stadium.
Labour Minister Alex White certainly isn’t helping.
He has been heavily lobbied by the wind industry not to publish guidelines so they have effectively blocked any measures that would help prevent this terrible situation where families all over the country are being made so sick they have to leave their homes.
Mr White says we can’t put anything in place that might impinge on wind developers because it’s the only way to meet renewable energy targets.
But opponents point to a fully-costed and assessed plan to convert Moneypoint power station in Co Clare from coal to sustainable biomass as a viable alternative.
If this was done, there would be no need for the massive grid upgrade with towering pylons snaking through the countryside to carry the power from the wind farms.
And we would save the country almost €3.5billion.
That’s almost €2,000 for every single worker in Ireland – €2,000 of your taxes wasted on pylons we don’t need.
But it gets worse. You also have to pay for the expensive electricity created by all these wind farms.
Look at your next ESB bill, see the PSO levy – most of it is meant for the wind developers.
Another way of taking money out of your pocket.
Converting Moneypoint could be done for a tenth of the cost of the Government’s plans for all the turbines and pylons.
Mr White admits, incredibly, they’ve never even looked at this alternative.
Besides the tragedy of families having to move from their homes, all of us have to pay huge electricity prices.
We have the third highest in Europe, mainly because of the cost of wind energy.
Contrary to popular belief, it turns out wind farms are not even good for the environment, giving us tiny CO2 savings.
So much for the “green, clean” image – turns out it’s a marketing slogan churned out by public relations gurus.
for what?
No benefit for the economy, no benefit for the environment, and definitely no benefit for the ordinary working people.
It’s time this Government called a halt to the marching terror these wind farms and pylons are bringing to all corners of the country.
Time to stop the war that is being waged on our landscape.
Until that happens, nowhere is safe.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Excessive Noise Pollution 7 November 2015

Saturday no rest from the noise pollution audible and low frequency, this can be felt inside the house and heard as a constant low droning noise, ears numb and ringing, headache, took a walk around the field ended up with vertigo feeling, this is not acceptable

Friday, 6 November 2015

More Wind Farms In Co.Limerick

These want stopping now, In Limerick Post Saturday Nov 7 2015 edition, How many more residents have to become ill, leave there homes before these health destroyers are stopped

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Wind Farm Community Funding/bribery

Wind farm community (bribery) funding (shouldn't call it bribery now), are the home owners, families who have to leave there homes, due to subsidy run wind farms compensated NO

It is all well and good paying local groups a few thousand each year in funding but the tax payer is paying for this themselves to start with, what about the local residents close to the wind farm that are being affected, the wind farm should be compensating these people, put the tax payers paid subsidies to some good use find a solution to stop the shadow flicker, constant audible noise and Low Frequency Noise, we have as citizens, a constitutional right to live in our own homes and enjoy it. Landowners of the wind farm are compensated enough yearly to allow them to move away to a different area.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Daily Notes October 2015

Daily notes on low frequency noise symptoms 

section moved to http://goo.gl/nNCTS0

1 Oct, cant see what way turbines are facing, due to fog, but the way my ears are throbbing, tingling, numb face headache, ears ringing i know the blades are facing us and low frequency noise is being forced toward us and the fog seems like it is compounding it some how, not allowing it to escape upawards

2nd Foggy today ears are feeling numb and ringing, constant headache, the air just feels heavy today, turbines are not working today but it has been cloudy /foggy the past couple of days and the turbines have been facing us forcing all that dirty air toward us i think the fog helps to hold in the LFN and infrasound could be why my ears and head fee fir to explode

3rd good news blades are still not turning but bad is ears still feel numb yet tinglingling and are still ringing, headache, tingling sensations to face

4th Grouselodge wind farm has been off for a couple of days, and it was lovely and peaceful nice clean undisturbed air, as the crountyside should be, but today it is back, i suppose they used up all that electric they mad last month by keeping the fans going the past couple of days, here we go again, ears still ringing, head ache,

Monday, 28 September 2015

SSE Started Debate on Facebook

Amendment 8 Oct Call me cynical but ever since i called out SSEairtricity and had that debate with them where i told them the truth about there windfarms, well the ads have stopped on facebook from them and before i used to see it daily, here the debate anyway

Oh dear poor Keri, and heres the link aswell https://www.facebook.com/sseairtricity/posts/916686461711476?comment_id=934059379974184&reply_comment_id=934368869943235&offset=0&total_comments=13&notif_t=share_reply

Friday, 18 September 2015

Different Planning Environment Rules For Wind Farms And Small Business

About a km away from me is a small concrete products firm, they employ local people and yet the council have imposed working restrictions until they find a larger premises, one quote from the article is

"an executive engineer with the council’s environmental control section, told the court that there are two houses located across the road occupied by families with young children who have had issues with air pollution and noise from the plant"

The article is here http://www.limerickleader.ie/news/local-news/limerick-company-to-relocate-following-breaches-1-6951378

Why is Grouselodge wind farm any different, they pollute the air with low frequency noise, infrasound, audible noise 24/7 365 days of the year, they cause local residents to become ill,young children particularly bad, (a lot more than 2) so bad some have been forced away from there own homes, i doubt that they employ anyone local at he wind farm, i know what i would rather have and its not the wind farm pollution

All for subsidies, the council are not really doing anything, last night the noise was 76Db

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Symptons Of Motion Sickness

People forced to live next to industrial wind turbines complain about the symptoms of motion sickness. Severe headaches, nausea and loss of balance are the frequent complaints. So are we going to be told that brain zapping is what we all need?!
Governments, Local Councils, Planners and the Councillors need to be 100% convinced that the many people living nearby industrial wind turbines would not suffer any ill health due to their decision over all applications.
The many globally published peer reviewed documents validate evidence that shows living next to a wind turbine can be harmful to humans and animals. Living with random sound pollution and the repetitive swoosh, screeching and clunking noises from wind turbines can be continuously disturbing - day and night – and the following symptoms have been identified:
° Headaches/migraines which are increased in frequency or severity.
° Sleep problems, insomnia, awakening from aerodynamic modulation noise.
° Dizziness, nausea and unsteadiness.
° Depression, exhaustion, irritability, stress, anger and anxiety.
° Concentration and learning problems, especially in children.
° Tinnitus and ear infections.
° Heart palpitations and lung disorders and death

Friday, 4 September 2015

Lets Hide The True Noise Levels

One of the conditions set out by ABP was to measure the noise a certain way, AWN who carried out the noise monitoring decided to change the planning condition set down by ABP, from measuring LAeq to LA 90 - now I will get too technical but this means they have decided to try and hide the level of noise to suit their needs using a noise description of L90 rather than LAeq as set out in the planning condition. this gives a totally wrong reading, we are also subjected to shadow flicker which was another condition set out by the planning department, as well as the audible noise being heard inside the house we are being subjected to LFN/infrasound which has serious side effects, Read here to find out more 

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Subsidies, funding, then the true facts

I have heard of other local residents being affected in some way, some have moved away completely due to ill health, it is very disappointing when something is built with claims of improving the area and infrastructure and all it does is to ruin local residents daily life, a wind farm operation that receives subsidies paid for by the tax payer should not make the local residents ill or for them to leave there properties due to noise, illness, etc, it is all well and good paying local groups a few thousand each year in funding but the tax payer is paying for this themselves to start with, what about the local residents close to the wind farm that are being affected, the wind  farm should be compensating these people, put the tax payers paid subsidies to some good use find a solution to stop the shadow flicker, constant audible noise and Low Frequency Noise, we have as citizens, a constitutional right to live in our own homes and enjoy it. Landowners of the wind farm are compensated enough yearly to allow them to move away to a different area.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Dont Do What The Planners Say

AWS who carried out the noise monitoring decided to change the planning condition from measuring LAeq to LA 90 - now I will get too technical but this means they have decide to try and hide the level of noise to suit their needs using a noise description of L90 rather than LAeq as set out in the planning condition

Dear Planning enforcement 

We wish to lodge a Section 160 potential breach of planning against the Grouselodge Wind farm planning application number 08/58.

We live at XXXX, Ardagh, Co.Limerick and having studied the EIS (environmental impact statement) submitted by the developer along with the planning conditions set by ABP we believe that this wind farm is failing to operate within its compliance limits and as such given the wording of the ABP Order should be "stopped until written agreement is reached with the planning authority on design or operational alterations intended to reside the noise accordingly. "

We have read the AWS noise compliance report and note that they have change the planning conditions as set down by ABP to suit their needs. This is a violation of the PDA (2000) as amended. Rather than using the noise description “LAeq (5min)” as set out in the planning condition they have used “LA90 (10 min)” and then added 2db to compensate for the fact they are using LA90. This is completely unacceptable because the L90 relies upon using only 10% of the quietest time in the 10 minute period for noise measurement whereas the LAeq uses noise data from the entire period. 

This use of LA90 masks the variation of the noise generated by the wind farm. For example it would remove any amplitude modulation which is typical with these wind turbines where it can be observed that a 10db variation in the noise levels over a 1 second interval can occur. (i.e at blade pass frequency). Below is a measurement from a Nordex turbine displaying these phenomena. 

We also note that no measurement of tonality was taken. The Nordex turbines are well known for creating a drone around the 168Hz Frequency range. Here is a noise recording taking from a Nordex turbine showing the very high tonal component. This is indicated by the massive ridge in the 168Hz range. 

We ask that 
a) with immediate effect you issue an order to stop these turbines until such time as they can produce a noise compliance report which is measured to the requirements of the ABP planning condition.
b) You ask for a noise report which includes
a. The use of the correct noise description of LAeq (5min) as specified in the ABP Order. 
b. When plotting the noise data that only the down wind noise measurements are used as using any others will lead to erroneous data plots 
c. A set of tonal measurements to the Institute of Acoustics approved methodology to ensure that there is no penalty to apply for tonal components.

I look forward to your immediate action on this.  

Co. Limerick

Thursday, 20 August 2015

First post of this blog wind farm infra sound

Hopefully this blog will bring some awareness to the problems surrounding wind farms, these are the problems that developers, planners etc don't tell you about, such as infra sound, i also intend to keep a weekly record on this blog of grouse lodge wind farm noise nuisance, illness etc, it is worth noting that i have contacted the council but they have failed to do anything or even get in contact so far, when they do i will update this accordingly, some links below on infra sound and the illness

What you cannot hear CAN affect you.