Thursday, 1 October 2015

Daily Notes October 2015

Daily notes on low frequency noise symptoms 

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1 Oct, cant see what way turbines are facing, due to fog, but the way my ears are throbbing, tingling, numb face headache, ears ringing i know the blades are facing us and low frequency noise is being forced toward us and the fog seems like it is compounding it some how, not allowing it to escape upawards

2nd Foggy today ears are feeling numb and ringing, constant headache, the air just feels heavy today, turbines are not working today but it has been cloudy /foggy the past couple of days and the turbines have been facing us forcing all that dirty air toward us i think the fog helps to hold in the LFN and infrasound could be why my ears and head fee fir to explode

3rd good news blades are still not turning but bad is ears still feel numb yet tinglingling and are still ringing, headache, tingling sensations to face

4th Grouselodge wind farm has been off for a couple of days, and it was lovely and peaceful nice clean undisturbed air, as the crountyside should be, but today it is back, i suppose they used up all that electric they mad last month by keeping the fans going the past couple of days, here we go again, ears still ringing, head ache,

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