Monday, 19 December 2016

UDATE Cork 7 Families IWEA Refute Enercon Claims For Liability

UPDATE: Hmm. Industry Body says it is all false? It’s a strange one. The original link has vanished from The Irish Examiner, and a pro renewables site SeeNews which covered their story has disappeared their copy too [cached herescreencap copy too]. SeeNews has posted an update which totally contradicts the news. Did The Irish Examiner get it wrong? Removing the story suggests they did, but they have not issued a correction yet. News of the update comes not from the court, but from the Irish Wind Energy Association, not exactly an impartial source. The IWEA flatly says that no one admitted liability, no families were forced from their homes, and there was no judgement or ruling? Yet the original story claimed all these things.

Full Story Here UPDATED. Big dollars at stake: Irish families win court case against wind farm noise (or not)

Monday, 12 December 2016

Families forced from homes due to wind farm noise win court case

A number of families in Co Cork who were forced to leave their homes because of noise from a nearby wind farm have won a significant case in the High Court this week.
The families claim they have been severely impacted by noise since the wind farm began operating in 2011.
This is the first action of its kind in Ireland and may now open many wind farm developers to the prospect of legal challenges from families in similar situations.

The case was taken against wind turbine manufacturer Enercon who have accepted full liability for causing nuisance to seven families who live up to 1km from the wind farm.
The case will return to the High Court in 2017 to discuss punitive damages.
Promises in Government over the last four years to introduce planning regulations regarding wind turbines have failed to materialise.
According to out-dated guidelines, turbines may be built 500m from homes. In many cases, including this, wind turbines have been built closer than 500m.
A spokesperson for Wind Aware Ireland said: “There now is a possibility for multiple legal actions against wind farms right around the country.
"The legal implications for the wind industry are significant. The use of inadequate and out-dated planning guidelines may come back to haunt the industry, planning authorities and the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE).”
On election, Minister Naughten promised that new planning guidelines would be in place within 3 to 6 months of the formation of the new government.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Wind Turbines Use Electricity From The Grid

An educational post on Facebook

John Curtis Most people do not realise that these turdbines use a lot of parasitic power when they are not generating any output. I looked in to this many moons ago and attach below what I was able to ascertain. At that time I wrote to three of the big turdbine manufacturers to ask them if I was correct in my assessment but answer came there none - from which I believe that the actual situation may well be worse than my assessment.
Wind turbine parasitic consumption. 

I have been considering effects of parasitic power consumption by wind turbines, by which I mean power that they must use to stay functional even if there is no wind. The manufacturers do not give detailed information but I believe we can assess what is needed by using common sense. 

Actual figures may vary from what I am assuming, but I do not think that I am far off. If you have any other ideas I would be very pleased to have them. Below is a representative list of equipment and systems that require electric power, together with assumed power consumptions. I have assumed a basic 2 megaWatt for this study. 

Yaw mechanism to turn the rotor into the wind. 20kW
Pitch mechanism to adjust the blade angle to the wind 15kW
Lights, controllers, communication, sensors, data collection, etc. 10kW
Heating the blades during winter. 250Kw
Heating/cooling and dehumidifying the nacelle. 10kW
Oil heater, pump, cooler and filtering system of the gearbox 25kW
Hydraulic brake to lock the blades when the wind is too strong. 5kW
Thyristors for power conditioning and connection. 25kW
Magnetizing the stator to keep the rotor speed constant 25kW
Using the generator as a motor to help blades start to turn when wind speed is low or, as many suspect, to create the illusion the facility is producing electricity when it is not, particularly during site tours. It also spins the rotor shaft and blades to prevent warping when there is no wind. 50Kw. 
TOTAL Installed. 435kW.

Not all items will be used at the same time, although they may be. However, we can generously assume 50% usage, for a parasitic consumption of approximately 215 kW.

Turbine rated wind speed is 12 mps (Meters per second). Cut in speed is 4 mps. Rated power is 2 mW. Power varies as cube of wind speed.
Therefore Power at 4 mps is 2,000,000/3 x 3 x3 = 74kW 
Nett output is 74 – 215 = -141kW
Power at 5mps is 144kW Nett output is -71kW
Power at 6mps is 250kW 
Nett output is +35kW

This shows that the machine does not start to produce useful power until wind speeds reach around 6mps, assuming that 35kW from a 2mW machine can be considered as useful. 

Published figures for average wind speeds locally (Banbury area. It will vary depending on actual location) at masthead height are 6mps. 
There are subsequent losses such as transformer inefficiencies and transmission losses to take power from turbine to grid. We can assume approximately 6% to 15%, depending on the type of equipment and transmission line lengths. 

What this says is that the turbine is virtually useless even at average wind speeds and that we need considerably more than average in order to get any useful power output. On average we can expect to power about 12 electric kettles. Not bad for an investment of around £2.4 million!!

Note that the turbine ‘sells’ its power based on metering at the output unit and thus avoids the effects of transmission losses. Also, there is no charge made for power that is consumed when there is low or no output. In other words, charges are made based on gross output, not net output. 

And we do not even start to save CO2 emissions until we reach average wind speeds. What a huge con job is being foisted on us all.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Infrasound And Low Frequency Noise

Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise

Seminar presented by Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira at Massey University, New Zealand, on October 13, 2016.
Seminar presented by Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira, from the Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal.
Increasing technological development is putting communities at risk due to insidious low frequency noise and vibration. Vulnerable at risk groups include those working in high exposure environments, such as airline pilots and other transportation industries, and those living in close proximity to industrial scale installations.
Alves-Pereira and colleagues have been conducting epidemiologic studies over the past 20 years of airline pilots, technicians, engineers and other people who are chronically exposed to low-frequency noise and infrasound. The effects are grim: cardiovascular, respiratory, neurologic, and renal pathology and symptoms, which they call vibroacoustic disease (VAD).
*VAD is well established in the clinical literature. It has been amply documented and is readily detected by a variety of diagnostic tests.
Associate Professor Alves-Pereira will be describing Vibroacoustic disease, discussing her work in the field, the latest developments and the implications of low frequency noise and infrasound exposure.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Friday, 16 September 2016

Wind Farm Community Funding

You really need to call it Wind Farm Community Bribery

It seems that Grouselodge wind farm are giving money back to the community, lets discuss that, firstly that money comes out of the bill payers electric bills in the form of PSO levy everyone HAS to pay it, it is automatically added onto your electric bill, this causes fuel poverty there are households who will have to decide to eat or heat this year

Wind farms receive millions in subsidies whether they are running or not and they only give a few 1000 back, who will get this money probably a community group miles away from the wind farm, they cant hear it, they cant see it, they are not affected by it, chances are they would not of heard/seen it before now

They claim that Grouselodge wind farm provides electric for 9500 homes, what they dont tell you is that that electric is backed up with reliable fossil fuel power, can you imagine if it was not, when the wind stops blowing you would have no power, would you pay your bill then, there is no way of telling how many homes get what little bit of electric is produced to boil the kettle each day when it is windy, The wind farm does not have its own power grid, when the wind stops they take power back from the grid, this is more than likely fossil fuel power, to keep the fans running on the generators at the base of the turbines, any power they produce can not be stored it has to be used straight away.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tiny the Turbine

Tiny the Turbine is a story written by Lyndsey Ward with cartoons by Josh.
Lyndsey was asked to write a children’s book to counter the wind propaganda that has been allowed into schools.
It follows on from her tale of Subsidy Sam, a satire primarily for adults also written to counter wind industry spin.
Those who are concerned at the indoctrination of children regarding industrial wind development should ensure that a copy of Tiny the Turbine is given to their local school to show the other side of the wind ‘education’ currently received by our children.
Tiny the Turbine is available as a PDF to download and you may print for personal use or email as you wish andif you like what we have done or wish to use it in your own campaigning,  please make a donation on this website to help fund this and possible future projects.
All contributions, large or small, are gratefully accepted and appreciated. Thank you.
Download Tiny The Turbine from Cartoons By Josh

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Broadcast of wind energy advert unlawful

You’ll probably remember the advertising campaign – the Power to Power Ourselves – which aired early in 2016 just before the election campaign: it featured audio clips of JFK addressing the Irish parliament.
You can read the full story and rightful outcome and more on Concerned About Wind Turbines - Donegal

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

This infographic says it all really

Combined with this infographic

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Infrasound Causing Illness In Wales

A new 74m 500kW wind turbine was recently commissioned 3 weeks ago 3.14km (1.95 miles) from our home.
Within 2.5 weeks of the turbine becoming operational, my wife left home at very short notice due to the speed and severity of the deterioration in her health.
She has now become a wind farm refugee ;(
Within a few days of the turbine becoming operational, she has been feeling constantly ill - and was getting worse - with constant headaches, nausea and vertigo symptoms.
She also had shaky hands and felt random twitches running through her body. She had no energy and couldn't sleep or concentrate. She was also hearing metronomic pulses within the infrasound/ low frequency spectrum too - she thinks those were the thumps caused by the blades passing the tower, but since we can't see the wretched turbine from our home we could not verify that observation.
She couldn't take the chronic torture any more, so she left home a few days ago. She couldn't even wait to make a doctor's appointment to report her health problems because her health was deteriorating so alarmingly quickly.
It may not be a fast death, but it's a death by a thousand cuts. The chronic torture has taken my wife from me piece by piece over the last 9-10 years, and moreso since a wind farm was erected 8.5 miles (13km) from our home in Sept 2009. It has been heartbreaking to observe the effects of the torture on her - even if the damage is invisible. It has taken her departure to make me realise that my long held suspicions were correct.
There are no torturous infrasound noises where she is currently staying, which is a blessing. So the noises are NOT in her head - they are REAL.
She has devoted her whole life to looking after animals - they were everything to her. That's all she ever wanted to do. She has now abandoned all her animals and the life she always wanted to live, so what she has done is totally out of character. She must have been in a bad way to do that, and I am really gutted for her ;(
She couldn't bear to tell me how bad she was getting or that she was planning to leave home. I knew she was deteriorating since the turbine became operational, but I had no idea she'd be driven out of her home so soon after the wretched turbine started turning.
This day has been a long time coming, yet it's still a shock when that day arrived.
I have fought the windustry for a good 13 years now. Knowing what I now know, I'm glad I did not give up. Since learning about the noise issues, I have been fighting for my wife and other people like her. There many people sensitive to infrasound through no fault of their own, yet theye are being discriminated against. There are very few that I know of who are as sensitive as my wife.
It really pisses me off when convicted and suspected terrorists have more human rights than law abiding people living in their own homes. What my wife is suffering from is the consequences of state sponsored torture. (Look up the UN definition of torture) The government doesn't allow convicted and suspect terrorists to be tortured yet they fully sanction the torture of law abiding citizens in their own homes through their unwavering support of the morally bankrupt windustry.
Knowing what's in the pipeline (76 wind turbines being erected 25 miles away - adjacent to the 16 she started hearing in 2006) and a further 28 turbines about 8-9 mile away) we knew her days of living the life of her dreams in our present home were numbered.
Yes - she could hear the infrasonic noise pollution emissions of a wind (subsidy) farm from that distance - it took us 2 years of observations and research to make the connection. The only thing we lack is incontrevertible scientific proof. However, I am comfortable that my hypothesis is correct, knowing the windustry has NO scientific evidence whatsoever to prove that their implements of torture are safe.
We have talked about moving - several times. Any place that may be sufficiently far from an industrial wind turbine is way beyond our range of affordability. Isn't it strange how few wind turbines there are in more affluent rural areas!
Our only option, if we want to stay in Wales, is to move to a less desirable property in a large city. Neither of us like that option. It's a choice between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 
My fight goes on with even more determination than ever before. Conventional methods of publicity are NOT forcing many zealous turbine hugging politicians to look at the hard evidence of health damage to human beings and other life forms. SHAME on them and any pretense they have for caring and compassion.
It's time to work out how we can advance our collective cause effectively through smarter use of the WWW

Saturday, 23 April 2016


This short story has been written to counter the shameless wind propaganda that is allowed into our schools to influence young minds with no effort to show the other side
Here at Wind Energy's Absurd we have repeatedly challenged the wisdom and morality of allowing multinational companies into the classroom to put their side of a story that is designed to cultivate acceptance of their industry into future generations.
You will remember Tommy the Turbine - a tale told to children in Ireland about the wonders of wind power.
Well now Tommy has a rival - and our money is on Subsidy Sam getting the message out there.
It is time the indoctrination of our children was stopped.

You can read all about Subsidy Sam HERE

Or this link

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Selection Of Videos On Wind Farms The Illness They Cause

Dr Robert McMurtry, Order of Canada, records his concerns about Industrial Find out about the effect of Wind Turbines on human health and community well-being, in this powerful video called "No Safe Place." Dr McMurtry has devoted thousands of hours to learn about Victims of Wind across Ontario, and to share that knowledge with you. What is a safe "setback?" McMurtry says, "We don't know.

Victim Impact Statement

Wind turbines and public health

Wind turbines force them to sleep in cellar

Barry and Diane Funfar, Falmouth, MA are interviewed about Wind Turbine Syndrome

Sue Hobart, Falmouth, MA interviewed about Wind Turbine Syndrome

Stephen Ambrose, Noise Control Engineer, interviewed about Wind Turbine Syndrome

Rob Rand, sound acoustician, interviewed on Wind Turbine Syndrome

Victim Impact Statement: Robyn and Glen Brew - Part 1 Health

Victim Impact Statement: Robyn and Glen Brew - Part 2 Animals

Wind Farms Destroy the Environment 3 videos

1 Wildlife Destruction

2 Toxic Waste

3 Human Health

Friday, 12 February 2016

Homes Affected By Grouselodge Windfarm

                            Visualized Wind Farm Data 
Map of wind farm turbines with associated noise sensitive locations and predicted sound pressure levels.

Real time map of home affected by noise from Grouselodge wind farm, are you one of them, find out if you are being subjected to noise from any wind farm check out Wind Noise Info

Grouselodge wind farm noise

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Things aren’t always as they appear. In the case of wind turbines

The turbines are a source of clean, non-polluting energy. We have to acknowledge that. They generate electricity without producing pollutants or greenhouse gases. On the face of it that’s all good but unfortunately the whole story isn’t nearly as positive as that.
Giant windmills, on every hill and spare piece of flat land, can only ever amount to expensive tokenism. They can never generate enough power to make a significant contribution to our power supply. They’re a tokenistic nod to the concept of green energy. Were they to make anything like enough electricity to make a real difference by replacing other power sources, we’d need so many of them we’d no longer have room for people.
Ah well, you might say, at least the government and the big energy companies are paying for these follies. Wrong! You’re paying for them through the price you pay for electricity. It’s actually another way of taking money from many to give to a fortunate few. And, as subsidies go to landowners, it’s like a regressive tax – a sort of Robin Hood in reverse.
A couple of years ago many of us didn’t mind a few tokenistic windmills on a few remote hillsides. At first we thought they weren’t too visually intrusive and in some cases even quite iconic of the modern age.

Read more:

Friday, 1 January 2016


26 november 2015
Important information from Mauri Johansson concerning Finland
Spokesman for Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) plus Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
, MD (Specialist in Community & Occupational Health. Master in Humanities and Health studies, MHH) - Prevention & Health Promotion (Denmark)
Wind turbines generate infrasound that can cause serious health problems. The infrasound from wind turbines can carry through the air for tens of kilometres. This was verified in the measurements carried out in Finland.
This was the first time that infrasound generated by wind turbines was verified by measurements in Finland.
Tuulivoima-kansalaisyhdistys (TV-KY) ry – the National Association of Citizens against Giant Windmills - has recently released an extensive report on the infrasound emissions from wind turbines and their impact on people’s health.
The wind turbines being built in close proximity to residential areas in Finland are the biggest in Europe. Their rotating blades generate low frequency noise and infrasound, i.e. frequent and continuous air pressure pulses that can travel for very long distances.
Low frequency noise refers to frequencies between 20-200 Hz that are audible to the human ear, and infrasound refers to frequencies between 0.1-20 Hz that can’t be picked up by the human ear. Wind power companies, as well as some researchers, have claimed that “infrasound can’t cause adverse health effects as it is inaudible”. Similarly, we could maintain that radiation isn’t harmful as it is beyond sensory perception Continue Reading