Sunday, 19 June 2016

Infrasound Causing Illness In Wales

A new 74m 500kW wind turbine was recently commissioned 3 weeks ago 3.14km (1.95 miles) from our home.
Within 2.5 weeks of the turbine becoming operational, my wife left home at very short notice due to the speed and severity of the deterioration in her health.
She has now become a wind farm refugee ;(
Within a few days of the turbine becoming operational, she has been feeling constantly ill - and was getting worse - with constant headaches, nausea and vertigo symptoms.
She also had shaky hands and felt random twitches running through her body. She had no energy and couldn't sleep or concentrate. She was also hearing metronomic pulses within the infrasound/ low frequency spectrum too - she thinks those were the thumps caused by the blades passing the tower, but since we can't see the wretched turbine from our home we could not verify that observation.
She couldn't take the chronic torture any more, so she left home a few days ago. She couldn't even wait to make a doctor's appointment to report her health problems because her health was deteriorating so alarmingly quickly.
It may not be a fast death, but it's a death by a thousand cuts. The chronic torture has taken my wife from me piece by piece over the last 9-10 years, and moreso since a wind farm was erected 8.5 miles (13km) from our home in Sept 2009. It has been heartbreaking to observe the effects of the torture on her - even if the damage is invisible. It has taken her departure to make me realise that my long held suspicions were correct.
There are no torturous infrasound noises where she is currently staying, which is a blessing. So the noises are NOT in her head - they are REAL.
She has devoted her whole life to looking after animals - they were everything to her. That's all she ever wanted to do. She has now abandoned all her animals and the life she always wanted to live, so what she has done is totally out of character. She must have been in a bad way to do that, and I am really gutted for her ;(
She couldn't bear to tell me how bad she was getting or that she was planning to leave home. I knew she was deteriorating since the turbine became operational, but I had no idea she'd be driven out of her home so soon after the wretched turbine started turning.
This day has been a long time coming, yet it's still a shock when that day arrived.
I have fought the windustry for a good 13 years now. Knowing what I now know, I'm glad I did not give up. Since learning about the noise issues, I have been fighting for my wife and other people like her. There many people sensitive to infrasound through no fault of their own, yet theye are being discriminated against. There are very few that I know of who are as sensitive as my wife.
It really pisses me off when convicted and suspected terrorists have more human rights than law abiding people living in their own homes. What my wife is suffering from is the consequences of state sponsored torture. (Look up the UN definition of torture) The government doesn't allow convicted and suspect terrorists to be tortured yet they fully sanction the torture of law abiding citizens in their own homes through their unwavering support of the morally bankrupt windustry.
Knowing what's in the pipeline (76 wind turbines being erected 25 miles away - adjacent to the 16 she started hearing in 2006) and a further 28 turbines about 8-9 mile away) we knew her days of living the life of her dreams in our present home were numbered.
Yes - she could hear the infrasonic noise pollution emissions of a wind (subsidy) farm from that distance - it took us 2 years of observations and research to make the connection. The only thing we lack is incontrevertible scientific proof. However, I am comfortable that my hypothesis is correct, knowing the windustry has NO scientific evidence whatsoever to prove that their implements of torture are safe.
We have talked about moving - several times. Any place that may be sufficiently far from an industrial wind turbine is way beyond our range of affordability. Isn't it strange how few wind turbines there are in more affluent rural areas!
Our only option, if we want to stay in Wales, is to move to a less desirable property in a large city. Neither of us like that option. It's a choice between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 
My fight goes on with even more determination than ever before. Conventional methods of publicity are NOT forcing many zealous turbine hugging politicians to look at the hard evidence of health damage to human beings and other life forms. SHAME on them and any pretense they have for caring and compassion.
It's time to work out how we can advance our collective cause effectively through smarter use of the WWW


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