Friday, 16 September 2016

Wind Farm Community Funding

You really need to call it Wind Farm Community Bribery

It seems that Grouselodge wind farm are giving money back to the community, lets discuss that, firstly that money comes out of the bill payers electric bills in the form of PSO levy everyone HAS to pay it, it is automatically added onto your electric bill, this causes fuel poverty there are households who will have to decide to eat or heat this year

Wind farms receive millions in subsidies whether they are running or not and they only give a few 1000 back, who will get this money probably a community group miles away from the wind farm, they cant hear it, they cant see it, they are not affected by it, chances are they would not of heard/seen it before now

They claim that Grouselodge wind farm provides electric for 9500 homes, what they dont tell you is that that electric is backed up with reliable fossil fuel power, can you imagine if it was not, when the wind stops blowing you would have no power, would you pay your bill then, there is no way of telling how many homes get what little bit of electric is produced to boil the kettle each day when it is windy, The wind farm does not have its own power grid, when the wind stops they take power back from the grid, this is more than likely fossil fuel power, to keep the fans running on the generators at the base of the turbines, any power they produce can not be stored it has to be used straight away.

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