Monday, 22 May 2017

A Wind Farm Lament


I know you’re fighting wind turbines and I thought I’d tell you about 'mine' which have unfortunately gone up and are now switched on! I had enough money when my dad died to buy my little house in Drinagh which I still love despite living in the middle of a wind farm -they are the wind turbines just gone up which you can see on Bantry road just before Drimoleague (heading from Dunmanway to Bantry) I never thought there was any risk of wind turbines when I bought my house as there didn’t seem anywhere high enough around but, over the last year, 10 turbines 125 metres high appeared to the back of my house and along the lane where I used to enjoy walking my dogs. They are nearer than the 500 metres (the recommended setback distance) to houses along the lane, although the farmer has 3 on his land and is probably being paid thousands to have them there. I think landowners were attracted by easy money with absolutely no idea of the impact the wind farm would have on peoples lives.

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